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Reserve a Group Study Room

Click the group study rooms below to reserve one, or use the search box to find which rooms are available. 

Looking for a timeline of room availability? This view shows all room bookings on a timeline, so you can pick a time slot that works for you!

Please note that individuals may NOT reserve a room unless it is for class-related recordings (e.g. synchronous online Zoom class session, recording yourself giving a speech, doing sign language, speaking in a foreign language, etc.).  Individuals may use a room if vacant, but must leave if a group signs up. 

Find available group study rooms by searching for a specific date/time below.

To change the values in the date/time picker you may use the following keyboard commands:
  • Up/Down/Left/Right: Adjust the date.
  • Page Up/Page Down: Adjust the time.
  • t: Jump to today's date.
   Available at a later date

Find event locations - the space where the event is held will be highlighted when you click the "show on map" link.